€10.000 Blackjack Live Prize Draw

Blackjack’s a game of courage and nerve, you against the dealer in a race to the best hand.

And we’re adding even more action to this classic game in February, with a €10.000 Live Prize Draw. Collect an entry every time you hit Blackjack at Evolution Live Blackjack Tables and join us on 18th February to find out if you’ve won one of ten €1.000 cash prizes.

The winners have been drawn:

User NoPrize
109971301€1.000 Cash
100554976€1.000 Cash
117249124€1.000 Cash
117395888€1.000 Cash
116509862€1.000 Cash
473867€1.000 Cash
104171688€1.000 Cash
116949926€1.000 Cash
113044892€1.000 Cash
102886336€1.000 Cash


Terms and Conditions
  • You must opt-in to the campaign to participate.
  • The promotional period goes from 00:01 CET on 11th February to 23:59 CET 17th February 2020
  • Only activity on Evolution’s Live Casino Blackjack tables contributes to the campaign. (Except Infinity and Free bet Blackjack tables).
  • Customers will receive one (1) Raffle Ticket for every Blackjack awarded.
  • Customers can collect Unlimited raffle tickets
  • Raffle tickets will be used for a Live draw with a prize pool of €10.000 for 10 winners.
  • 10 players will be rewarded with €1.000 each
  • Live draw to determine the winners will happen on Tuesday 18th February 19:00 CET on BJ Evolution 3
  • The more entries a customer holds, the more opportunity they will have to be picked during the draw, i.e. a customer could win more than a prize as a result.
  • Players may win more than one prize.
  • The 10 winners will be informed of their winnings within 72 hours from the end of Live draw
  • Winners will be displayed on the promotion page within 48 hours of the Live Draw
  • Cash prizes will be credited within 72 hours from the end of the Live Draw
  • Unibet terms and conditions apply at all times for this campaign.