Your €3.500 Blackjack Challenge

Everyone loves a challenge every now and again, to keep us on our toes. Well, here’s just the thing – your €3.500 Blackjack Challenge.

It’s your chance to test your knowledge of the game and win cash on top of your winnings. And to add a special Valentine’s feel to the action, keep an eye out for hearts when you play. Win a hand made entirely with this romantic suit and we’ll reward you with an extra €10.

Prove your worth by meeting two or more challenges a day and up to €500 is yours.

How to play

  • Opt in to the promotion
  • Play Evolution’s Live Blackjack from 00:01 CET on Monday 11th to 23:59 CET on Sunday 17th February 2019.
  • Every day, complete the below missions and receive prizes:
    • Hit 2 Blackjacks in a row
    • Win a hand with 5 cards or more
    • Win 4 hands in a row
    • Complete a 777 hand
    • Receive three or more Aces in one hand
      Win with an All-Heart hand for an added €10

Prize Structure:

Missions Completed


All-Heart hand+€10


Terms and Conditions
  • You will need to opt-in to participate in this promotion.
  • Tournament runs from 00:01 CET on February 11th until 23:59 CET on February 17th 2019
  • Only gameplay on Evolution’s Blackjack Live Casino games will be included in the tournament.
  • Evolution’s “First Person” tables are excluded from the promotion.
  • Only bets of minimum €5 (or currency equivalent) placed with real money will count towards the promotion.
  • Bet-Behind bets with a minimum stake of €5 (or currency equivalent) are valid for the promotion.
  • Pushes will not be considered a winning hand as per this promotion Terms and Conditions.
  • Missions are as follows:
  • Hit 2 Blackjacks in a row
  • Win a hand with 5 cards or more
  • Win 4 hands in a row
  • Complete a 777 hand
  • Receive three or more Aces in one hand
  • Prizes are calculated on daily intervals between 00:01 CET and 23:59 CET of each day in the promotional period.
  • Prizes are calculated on the number of missions completed daily. Please check the following table:
  • o 2 missions completed - €25 cash prize
  • o 3 missions completed - €50 cash prize
  • o 4 missions completed - €100 cash prize
  • o 5 missions completed - €500 cash prize
  • Customers participating to the promotion will be rewarded with €10 cash prize for winning a one All-Heart hand after at least two missions have been completed. This extra reward is paid once per day per customer during the promotional period.
  • Prizes will be paid out daily as cash, by 72 hours from when the prize is earned.
  • Unibet terms and conditions apply at all times for this promotion.
  • Unibet reserves the right to change or remove the promotion at any time.
  • This tournament is available on multiple Kindred Group brands.