Semi-bluffing in online poker

June 10, 2016

Never bluffing in a game of online poker is resigning yourself to being a loser. You just cannot win without stealing a few pots every now and again. On the other hand, if you bluff too often, your opponents will pick up on it and you will be called out.

What is a semi-bluff in online poker?

A semi-bluff is nothing more than a bet with a hand that’s probably not the best one available but which has a high likelihood of improving to the best hand in subsequent hands. Drawing hands especially straight and flush draws fall conveniently in this category.

One of the keys to winning online poker is selective aggressive which almost always pays off in the long run. Semi-bluffing is one way to be both selective and aggressive. By betting drawing hands that have a decent change of improvement, selectively aggressive poker players give themselves two great chances of winning.

When an opponent folds, the semi-bluffer takes down the pot right there. Even if called, his hand can always improve in the next two betting rounds.

You can’t semi-bluff with any hand

You have also got to be careful as you can’t semi-bluff with any hand because any hand usually doesn’t have the power to improve enough to be a long-term favourite.

Semi-bluffing increases more bluffing opportunities

If you are playing against poker experts, it actually increases your chances of bluffing effectively but only if you have hands such as 8 – 3. If you do decide to bluff by betting a hopeless hand when two suited cards flop, you can bet again if a third suited card appears on the turn or the river.

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