How to use self-control in your favour in online poker (Part 2)

May 20, 2016

As we discussed in Part 1 on how to use self-control in your favour in online poker, you need to be aware of your self-control as this could affect your online poker game play as well as inhibit your ability to make great decisions.

Given the need for a healthy store of self-control when you’re enjoying a game of online poker, we will highlight how to exercise your self-control “muscles” so you have a bigger reserve of it turning you into a poker champion.

How to increase your self-control in online poker

Play from a seat that is not your usual spot: This will force you to see things from a different perspective from the one you’re used to at the table. You won’t always get to choose where to sit, especially when you’re playing in an online poker tournaments.

Avoid distractions: If you have different distractions such as playing games or checking your social media regularly, set intervals of time that will force you into keeping your phone out of sight. You can live without your phone for just a bit.

Exercise away from the poker table: Remember that self-control is flexible and can be applied to every aspect of your life. Force yourself to make healthy choices in your diet, stopping when you’re full or to avoid having an extra potion. Push yourself hard in physical exercise and replace a completely bad habit with a good habit.

All the above will help strengthen your self-control, which will result in making great decisions and conquering the poker table.

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