How to deal with a bad run of cards in online poker

July 13, 2016

Running bad in online poker can take many forms. You could constantly be getting your money in with a two pair against a flush draw and lose or you could be running your KK into AA. This is one of those things you’ve signed up for when you’re playing poker since poker had never been a game of certainty.

How do we deal with running badly? Here are a few suggestions that we take on:

Taking a break

Many poker players suggest that taking a break whilst running badly is always a good idea. When you encounter tilt, it is time to take yourself out of the game. The break can last as long as you need to as long as you have time to recuperative before getting back to the poker tables with a fresh perspective.

Keep calm

This is potentially the most obvious of the bunch. Just accept that running bad is part of the game and just hang in there. Just see it as a form of adversity.

Play tighter

Some poker players tend to tighten up and reverting back to the very basics of poker. If you are running badly, it’s because you are putting your cash in with an edge and coming out behind.

If you combine all three then you will be able to force your brain into focusing on something else that is brand new. Learning a new game is even better as certain skills will translate to the main game later down the line.

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