How to use self-control in your favour in online poker (Part 1)

May 19, 2016

Nobody can deny the fact that self-control is essential to your online poker success. Discipline is called on in a variety of different ways during a poker session. As we have stated before, you should not play if you are tired, hungry, anxious or feeling emotional.

Once you take a seat, it takes self-control to throw away one bad starting hand after another. It takes self-control to leave the game with a loss if you know that you haven’t been playing well or if it’s not a good game.

What can lessen your self-control in online poker

Provided the need for a healthy store of self-control, we have to be aware of the things that can drain our reservoir of self-control faster than usual.

Being physically uncomfortable: This can mean anything from being hungry, thirsty, sitting on a hard chair to being hot or needing to use the restroom. Take affirmative measures that will help you relax and which could lead you to better decisions.

Being annoyed: It requires to actively resist the urge to lash out at whatever it is that’s bothering you. The annoyance can arise from anything: This could be people being slow, a chatty player or players that don’t know the rules and procedures. Make sure you monitor yourself so you have total control of your emotions.

Being unlucky: There is nothing you can do about this but you have to be aware that it is happening and that it could take a toll on your ability to make good decisions.

Unrelated troubles: If you are preoccupied by unrelated troubles to the game, this will decrease your stock of self-control.

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