Welcome to Unibet, one of the largest online gambling platforms in the world.

As an operator that gives 100% importance to consumer protection and Responsible Gaming, we want to ensure that you spend your time with us in a safe and secure environment.

We are therefore happy to inform you about our new sign-up with iDIN feature. Simply follow the steps below to create and verify your account through your own bank, a quick and reliable way to join the Unibet family of 14 million customers worldwide. In doing so, you help us to maintain a safe offer for yourself and other customers.

How does it work?



Register using iDIN as verification tool. This uses the log-in method used by your bank. Simply fill in your e-mail address, create a password and you are good to go.



When registering through iDIN, your account will be verified automatically and efficiently. No need to provide any documents.

Good luck and enjoy Unibet!

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