Unibet Euro Football 2016 - My Psychic Pet

Meet Honey, the winner of our Euro Football 2016 #MyPsychicPet competition! Honey correctly predicted that Real Madrid would defeat Atletico Madrid in the Champions League Final using only the power of animal instinct. How could she have possibly seen that coming? We salute you Honey!  



Honey and her owner Tomo Cashmore have won themselves £500 and a place on our very special Euro Football 2016 prediction panel. Honey and the other members of the panel will be predicting the results of every game held during the tournament. But will her predictions prove to be accurate? 

Scroll down below to see a selection of other animal video predictions entered into our #MyPsychicPet competition, beginning with Cally the black Labrador. 

Mary the very charming, high-pitched horse incorrectly predicted that Atletico Madrid would come out victorious with a 2-1 victory at the San Siro.