Your Guide to Classic Casino Games

There are many hundreds of popular slot games available on our site and they can all be split into various categories. Some will have a host of bonus rounds while others will carry random features in the base game which can be very complex. Other slots can be split into themes with popular destinations such as Ancient Greece and Ancient Egypt in prospect while some may take us into a fantasy world such as an enchanted forest.

Advances in technology can bring us great innovation but there is always going to be a place for the classics. Today’s slots can be traced back to the original, land-based fruit machines and those classic casino games still enjoy a huge following among our players.

What were the first type of slots games?

Classic slots games have been around for a lot longer than you might think with the first slot machine having been invented back in 1895. It was called the Liberty Bell and it was developed by San Francisco car mechanic Charles Fey. That original machine used symbols that remain on some classic slots in the modern day including bells and familiar images from a standard deck of playing cards.

The term ‘slot machine’ is derived from the simple fact that a slot is placed in a prominent place for the player to deposit coins. The same concept is still in use at land based casinos today, as is the simple nature of gameplay. Players are looking to line up matching symbols along a fixed payline. Those early classic casino slots may have had just one payline in the very centre of the grid. With three reels in position, the object would be to line up three matching images and a coin win would drop.

Over time, fruit symbols would often be used in games and, this is where we get the term ‘fruit machines.’ Cherries, melons, plums, grapes, lemons and more all had a major part to play in those early classic slots and, as we’ve moved online, they still have a place in the digital world.

Other classic symbols include bars and lucky sevens. These images will be very familiar to regular slot players and they can be found across a host of online classic slots.

Classic Slots Games Available Online

Several games currently available at online casinos are referred to as ‘classic slots.’ It’s quite a wide category but, in general, it refers to those games that harness that simple concept of gameplay with the classic imagery of the early fruit machines.

They may come with some added features and bonus rounds: The majority of slot games have a Wild symbol which can substitute for others and look for a winning combination. Other icons are referred to as scatters which act as pathways to extra rounds such as free spins or pick games. Multipliers and expanding wilds are among the more complex features but they are not barriers for those titles that are looking to enter the classic casino games category.

If fruit images can be found, along with those bars, bells and 7s, the game is almost certain to be destined for classic slots status. Similarly, the simple gameplay that requires symbols to be lined up along a small set of paylines will add to that classic appeal.

In short, there are many classic slots games in operation online and you can find a host of these here at Unibet.

Best Classic Casino Slots found at Unibet

There are hundreds of titles that can be placed in the classic casino games category but here are some of our favourites.

Random Runner Deluxe

Random Runner Deluxe is a perfect example of a game that has taken the classic slots theme and brought it right up to date in the digital age. It has gained classic status because of the images used so, when you log on to take a few spins, you can expect to see many fruit symbols including melons, strawberries, oranges, grapes and plums plus those bells and lucky sevens. The object of the base game also relates to the early classic casino games with the aim to line up matching symbols along the paylines.

From this point, the modern side to Random Runner Deluxe takes over: Instead of having a single reel grid, there are two sets of reels available. You don’t have to play both sets simultaneously but it does add that exciting twist to the standard gameplay.

Aside from that quirky addition of the second reel set, there are no complex bonus features at Random Runner Deluxe so you can simply focus on those reels and the task of lining up some matching symbols.

Simply Wild Deluxe

Simply Wild Deluxe is another one of those classic casino slots where fruit machines play an active role. They’ve been given something of a cartoon makeover in this title but we can instantly recognise those pears, strawberries, plums and oranges. Bells and 7s make an appearance too and, once again, we have that option to play with a second reel grid.

The potential to play with a second set of reels isn’t the only choice you need to make with Simply Wild Deluxe. In this classic slot, there is a fourth reel that can be employed, if players wish to upgrade and take that route.

While this title also builds on the simplicity found in other classic casino games, there is much more going on here with double icons, wild symbols and the chance to trigger a mystery jackpot.

Multiplayer 4 Player

The twists on the old classics just keep on coming and, as the title suggests, this is a slot where up to four players can get involved at any specific time. Multiplayer 4 Player is another title from the Stakelogic stable that harnesses innovative slot play while paying respect to the golden age of fruit machines.

Here, we have those familiar fruity characters playing out on the reels once again so get ready to welcome our old friends the grapes, melons, oranges and plums. Completing the feel of the best classic slots, Multiplayer 4 Player also features bars, bells and those lucky 7s.

This is another game with an extended grid and it’s needed in order to accommodate that 4 player option. There are two reel sets available once again and the option is there to play with one or both. Aside from that potential to play the multiplayer version, this game is a relatively standard one. There is a wild symbol in place and a generous jackpot but there are no complicated bonus rounds so it has that clear link to the simpler, classic casino games of old.

Runner Runner

Like a lot of the classic slots games in this round up, Runner Runner follows something of a pattern. The main reel grid is a stripped back one with five paylines in place and those regular fruit symbols are in play. The design will be familiar by now and those juicy fruit pieces are joined by bars and Lucky 7s once again.

There is that option to employ the second reel and, when that is activated, there are six rows in total with the number of paylines doubled up to 10. Another twist comes along with double symbols which will display both a fruit and a star. If those icons match with regular fruit images, a cash win will trigger in the usual way but, if any double symbols appear on any of those paylines, a special Star prize will be awarded.

Runner Runner also has a regular wild symbol which can substitute for others and complete a winning combination. It is, therefore, another game that uses the concept of classic slots and adds just a few innovative features in order to bring things right up to date.

Super Wild Arcade

If you’re starting to feel that our list of classic slots is beginning to follow a regular pattern, let us introduce you to Super Wild Arcade. Yes, there is that two grid format and the regular set of fruit and other classic symbols but, in this title, we have the possibility of aiming for a progressive jackpot.

A progressive jackpot increases as a fraction of stakes are taken and added to the prize pot. It can activate at any time and there can be some serious prizes up for grabs.

Only the lucky few will trigger a progressive jackpot while playing online but there are more ways to win with Super Wild Arcade. Like all good slots, there is the aim of lining up images along one of the fixed paylines and, like others in this classic series, there are double symbols where the star is linked to the fruit. A single star symbol acts as the wild image in Super Wild Arcade and, it is a high paying option in its own right with 1000x coin stake coming back to you when any three line up along one of those paylines.

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