Wild Symbols in Slot Games

May 16, 2018

For someone that is not familiar with video slots and slot machines in general, a wild symbol might present a kind of a mystery. But the truth is, there have been Wild Symbols since there have been slots. To put it very simply, it’s the equivalent exactly like the Joker in a deck of cards. The Joker is, after all, the ‘Wild’ card.

The Wild Symbol has the power to substitute any symbol on the reel that it appears in to create a payline. If you, for example, have two identical symbols on reels one and two, a Wild Symbol on the third reel will let you create a paying combination or payline.

Why are there Wild Symbols

Well, there is only one reason for the existence of Wild Symbols, and that is to make the game more interesting and more enjoying. Wild symbols, as we have already mentioned, have the ultimate power to replace any other symbol in the game. They help immensely when trying to complete a payline and collect winnings.

The only exception when it comes to symbol substitution are the Scatter and the Bonus symbols. The scatter symbols will pay out no matter where they appear, while a certain number of bonus symbols trigger free rounds of bonus spins.

Every game has it’s own Wild Symbol, depending on the theme and design of the game. The very popular Starburst for example has the multi colored 8-sided star, while the Guns ‘n’ Roses slot game has the logo of the band as a Wild Symbol.

Some casino games will have Wild Symbols appearing only on certain reels, like one, three and five, or two and four. This is why you must always check the rules of the slot game, just so you know what you should expect.

Types of Wild Symbols

Just as there are different slot game designs, there are also different types of Wild Symbols. Besides the kind that we previously mentioned, casino slots can also have a plethora of special wild, each bringing a unique zest to the game.

It’s always a good idea to check the casino slot information, as sometimes this might give you the edge when playing.


Multiplier Wild Symbols

The Wild Symbol has the power to turn a losing into a winning hand. Granted, it feels nice to come out on top when you thought that you were going to lose. But why stop there and leave only with your winnings. Why not multiply them?


The Multiplier Wild Symbol does exactly this. It can not only stand in for any other symbol, but it will also multiply your winnings. Yeah, you heard that right, multiply. In slot games like Tunderstruck  completing a payline with the ‘Thor’ Wild Symbol will double your winnings.

One other game that is notorious for it’s multiplier wild symbols is Mega Money Multiplier. The wild symbols here actually tell you how much they will be increasing your win. What’s even more exciting is that having two Wild Multiplier Symbols in the same line do not cancel each other out. So your winnings will increase even more!

Stacked Wild Symbols or Stacked Wilds

In order to enhance the player’s experience as well as add on to the excitement of the game, some casino slots offer stacked wilds.

A stacked wild will appear in stacks of two, three or more wild symbols stacked on top of each other. Depending on where the reel stops, you might see your whole reel full of stacked wilds or see the beginning or the end of it.

Some casino slots, like In games like Wild Turkey for example, the Stacked Wild Symbol is reserved only for the bonus games and it does not appear during regular play. Other video slots like Tarzan offer Stacked Wilds all the time, regardless If it’s a normal or a bonus spin.

Expanding Wild Symbols

An Expanding Wild Symbol works very similarly to a stacked wild symbol. If a game features the Expanding Wild, whenever the symbol appears it will expand to cover the whole reel, top to bottom. It is, however, better than the Stacked Wild Symbol because an Expanding Wild Symbol will always cover the entire reel disregarding where it lands.  Yep, you understood right, a whole reel of just Wilds.

This will allow for more potential paylines and consequentially, more potential winnings. Some popular casino slots like the Hitman have the expanding Wilds feature.

Trailing Wild Symbols

A Trailing Wild has a little different mechanics than the other two we have previously. The easiest way to explain them is through the principle of cloning.

When a wild appears on one of your reels, it will create a clone and leave it on the spot where it originally appeared to be used for the next spin. After you hit the spin button the bonus symbol will move one position further down on the reel. Usually this continues until the wild Symbol reaches the bottom, leaving a trail of Wild Symbols. A trail that might mean winnings and bonuses for you.

Sticky Wilds

Another type of Wild Symbols is the sticky wild. The Sticky Wilds have the same properties as the regular Wilds, meaning that they will substitute any other symbol on a given reel. What is different though, is that they stick around.

A Sticky symbol, once it has appeared, will remain at the same position on the same reel for a number of subsequent spins. This guarantees that for the spins following the initial one, you will surely have at least one Wild Symbol.

Sticky Wilds are usually features of bonus games, where they will stay on the same spot for the duration of the free spins, ensuring even bigger chances of winning. In casino slots like Wild North some of the bonus games feature sticky wild, while others do not.


That wraps up our quick overview of types of Wild Symbols in Casino slots. Hopefully we’ve made everything clear for you. It’s time to head over to our online casino and put that new knowledge to good use.

As always, Unibet wishes luck!

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