Scatter Symbols in Online Casino Slots

May 15, 2018

Scatter symbols are a pleasant surprise for any player when they appear on the reels. The scatter symbol will usually unlock distinct bonus games and features built in within the casino slot game. On top of this, the scatter symbol will pay out winnings no matter where it appears. That’s right.

Unlike all other symbols that need to appear on the same payline forming lines from the left to the right, the scatter symbol only needs to pop up anywhere on the reels to award you the free spins, bonuses, minigames and of course, more winnings.


How do Scatter Symbols work?

Most online slot casino games, from the very simple to the more complex ones, feature Scatter Symbols. The main idea behind it is that it will provide benefits to the player, no matter where it appears. What’s interesting is that unlike the Wild Symbols, the Scatter Symbol doesn’t need to be on a payline.

Depending on the slot game you are playing, the scatter symbol can trigger different bonus features embedded in the game.


Scatter Symbol Payouts

The simplest form of scatter symbols, usually found in older slot casino games is the paying scatter. This symbol will provide a fixed amount of winnings when it appears anywhere on the reels. Getting two or three scatter symbols in a spin will sometimes multiply your winnings.

One of the favourite aspects of Scatter Symbols among players is the multiplier type. Unlike other multipliers that increase your line bet winnings, Scatter Symbols will multiply the total amount of bet that you have placed for the spin.


Scatter Symbols Bonus Games

The more advanced casino slot games will have different bonus features for the Scatter Symbol. In some games, if the Scatter Symbol appears a certain amount of times on the reels in a single spin (normally, at least 3) it will unlock a unique bonus feature.

The bonus feature is quite often a set number of free spins, but in some games, your chances of winning are enhanced. This is generally achieved through sticky scatters, sticky wilds or other bonuses.

In some casino slot games, the Scatter Symbol triggers an interactive bonus minigame. The minigame can be a pick-and-win bonus game. Here you will need to pick out elements, usually pulled from the video slot’s theme, out of a bigger selection. Each of the elements carries a certain prize and if the game is multi-level, you would need to pick the right ones so you could progress to the next, more rewarding stage.


Do all casino slots have Scatters?

It is quite common for casino slot games to have a scatter symbol. Most of the 5-reel casino slots will have scatter symbols appearing either on all or just selected reels. It is a bit uncommon for 3-reel slots to have them, since the space on the board is limited. The games that do not feature Scatter Symbols are often modelled after classic slot machines that featured simpler mechanics and there was no space for bonus games.

The Scatter Symbol Feature is usually present in the Progressive Jackpot Casino Slots. Players usually gravitate towards these games because you can not only collect huge winnings by collecting the Jackpot (read how), but you can also win relatively smaller amounts spin after spin with the Scatter Symbols, enhanced free spins and bonus games.


How to check If your Casino Slot Game Features a Scatter Symbol?

When it comes to online casino slot games, all of the information about the paylines, scatter symbols, wild symbols and bonus games and spins are contained in the Paytable. The paytable can often be accessed through a button on the main screen of the specific slot game. 

Even if you are sure how the video slot you are playing exactly works, it’s always recommended to take a look at the paytable. The information contained there can help you avoid any unwanted surprises and will surely come in handy when playing the bonus games.


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