Jackpot Slots - How to Play and How to Win

March 21, 2018

If you have ever seen a casino, even on TV, you must have heard about jackpots. The jackpot is the biggest reward that an online casino slot player can win. The amount of money won is usually substantially higher than the initial bet. This makes the jackpot slot machines very attractive to players and one of the most played games in online casino.

Before we start looking at specific games and jackpots they offer, let’s first check the different types of jackpot slots. By the end of this guide you would be able to choose the perfect online slot jackpot for you and hopefully get a bit more out of your online casino experience.

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Progressive Jackpot Online Slots


While the Fixed jackpot has pre-set amounts on each spin, the Progressive Jackpot is never the same. Each time a player spins the reels, in any online casino that hosts the online slot game, a tiny fraction of the bet goes to the jackpot amount. This means that this type of jackpot is not exclusive to Unibet Players only, but anyone can win it. While it might seem like a tight competition, let’s not forget that even more players are contributing to the jackpot as well.

We’ve established that every time a player in any of the casinos places a bet, the jackpot increases. So where’s the catch? Well there isn’t one. There is no upper limit as to how much the progressive jackpot slot can grow. This makes the winnings quite massive when compared to Fixed Jackpots. Once the Jackpot is won, it will return to it’s starting level and it will start building up again.

Amongst online casino regulars, the players that love progressive slot games are the ones with the ‘go big or go home’ mindset. While you’re playing at extreme odds, hitting that jackpot can mean the change of a lifetime.

Worthy to mention is that for any slot game that features a progressive jackpot, you have to play at the maximum bet lines in order to be able to win it. In order to stretch their bankroll, players usually will bet the lowest amount at the highest number of lines, so they can have more chances at hitting the honey pot.

So what makes a Progressive jackpot casino slot game attractive? As you might have guessed, the size of the ultimate reward itself. Some of the biggest jackpots are won by playing games like Arabian Nights, Mega Moolah, Major Millions  or Mega Fortune Dreams. Feel free to check them out and take them for a test spin.

But slot games are not the only way you could play for a progressive jackpot. You can also find them at some table games hosted in our casino. Our most popular table casino game that offers this kind of a reward is the Carribean Stud Poker.  This is a five-card stud progressive poker game, in which you can win the jackpot by getting a royal flush. This means that at the same time, you can play live poker and fight for a big jackpot payout!

Fixed Jackpot Online Slot Games

Often called Flat or Standalone jackpots. These slot jackpots bring a certain amount of winnings every time they are hit. The amount of the jackpot will stay the same no matter how many players are currently playing or how many spins has the player completed. This jackpot will not reset after being won and hitting it two times in a row will bring the same amount of winnings both times.

The fixed slot jackpots are usually smaller than their progressive jackpot counterparts since the jackpot will never increase. This is also the reason why they are hit more frequently.

Slot machines that feature fixed jackpots are usually more attractive to players that are looking for more constant but smaller winnings. The strategy when on the hunt for a fixed jackpot is to stretch your bankroll as much as you can, in order to have bigger chances at hitting the jackpot. 

You have to keep in mind, however, that the smaller the bet, the smaller the payout will be, since getting a fixed jackpot will multiply your base coin bet by a certain amount. Hence, betting minimal amounts will bring you the minimal jackpot winnings.

However, this shouldn’t discourage you. Whenever you start playing a casino slot game that has a fixed jackpot, just open the paytable and check the multiplying amount. You would be surprised by the amounts.

Another feature of the fixed jackpot slots that gets the players excited is the chance for even higher winnings than what the paytable suggests. All you need to do is increase your line bet to more than 1 coin, and you can win even more if you hit the jackpot. Brilliant huh?

So how to choose a jackpot slot that suits me

Since this is highly subjective and depends on the type of player you are, we would recommend that you take a look at our online jackpot slots games and test a couple of them out. When playing also remember that you are not playing just for the jackpot but every single spin can bring rewards as well.


As always, Unibet wishes you luck!
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