Bingo Games schedule

There are so many games at Unibet Bingo that it can sometimes be a little hard to know where to begin! That’s why we’ve provided an overview that quickly sums up what games we have, and what features they entail, so that you never miss out on our best offers.

Find out about your favourite game types - whether you play in the morning, in the afternoon or prefer to play late. Get a daily overview on all of our Bingo special offers.

Room NameTypePrize RangeFixed Jackpot RangeFeatures
800x600Fairway90StripBall90 Ball Strip€5 - €30€10 - €50Roll On, BOGOF, XTG
800x600GrandPrix90SpeedBall90 Ball Speed€5 - €30€40Roll On, BOGOF, XTG
800x600_ThePitch_tile275 Ball Variant€15 - €100€20 - €400Escalator, BOGOF, XTG
ThePodium_casino tournament game tile90 Ball€10 - €150€50 - €400Escalator, Roll On, BOGOF, XTG
All Stars_casino tournament game tile75 Ball€25 - €175€50 - €600Escalator, Roll On, XTG
The Arena_casino tournament game tile75 Ball Variant€40 - €3000€50 - €1000Escalator, Roll On, BOGOF, XTG
GrandSlam_casino tournament game tile75 Ball Variant€50 - €125€100 - €300BOGOF, XTG


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