Setting up your Account

Setting up a Unibet account is really easy – click ‘Register’ and follow the instructions. In just a few minutes you will be ready to play for real cash.

You’ll need to provide some personal details, set a security question and select your language. Please make sure you fill in your details truthfully and accurately and be aware that you’re not allowed to have more than one account.

In some cases we might need to see some documents to verify your account. We’ll inform you if this is the case.

You’re Safe with Us

We appreciate your concerns over sensitive data. That's why we use 128-bit SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption between your browser and our server to protect your personal details.

You have our promise that we’ll never share your personal details without your approval, unless we’re required to do so by law or there has been a violation of our rules.

Selected Currency

Your Unibet account will have a single, fixed currency – you select it when you set up your account.

Almost everything you see on the site will be in the currency that you have selected. Occasionally you will encounter different currencies on the site (for instance in a Europe-wide pool game that is always played in Euros). In these cases the amounts that you wager and win will be converted into your selected currency using current exchange rates.

There may be a very slight difference between the stated costs or winnings and the actual ones due to fluctuations in exchange rates.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any age restrictions to opening an account with Unibet?

You’re never too old to try your luck, but you can be too young. Minors (under 18 in most countries) cannot hold a Unibet account. In Belgium you can use Sportsbook when you’re 18 but for everything...

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Can I open an account on behalf of someone else?

No, you can’t open a Unibet account for someone else. An account should only ever be opened or accessed by the account holder.

I’m trying to register a Unibet account but it says my email address is already in use.

Maybe you already have an account. Please don’t open another one with a different email address – you’re only allowed one account.

If you contact us by phone, we’ll be able to check this and provide...

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I’m not sure if I have an account already, what should I do?

Please contact us by phone. We’ll be able to check if you have an account already and provide you with your login details. Please remember, you can only have one account.