Restrict My Gambling

If you’d like to take a break from a specific area of Unibet, you can easily block your access with our ‘Restrict My Gambling’ feature. This is found in the Responsible Gaming section of your account.

To block yourself from a specific product - e.g. Sports - simply select Sports from the list on the page, and select a duration for your block. Once the block is activated, you then won’t be able to access Sports for your chosen period of time.

Please check the details of your block are correct before you click ‘Activate block’ – once it’s activated you can’t change the duration or cancel. When the restriction period ends we won’t be able to notify you, but you’ll be able to access that product again as normal. If you try and access the product while blocked you’ll be notified there’s a restriction in place and reminded when the block comes to an end.

Please be aware that the block only works when you’re logged into your account. While the block is active you may also still receive special offers via email and be able to use our apps. If you’d like to be removed from our email list, just head to the ‘Edit Preferences’ section of your account or contact us.

You can block yourself from accessing just one of our products or more. If you’d like to block yourself from the Unibet site as a whole, please take a look at our Self-Exclusion service.